I just realized I never did a Grammy wrap up! Well I started one, and just realized it’s been sitting in my drafts for about a month. So let’s do this! Instead of doing a usual play by play I thought I’d do a list. You know, because that’s what I’m okay at, within the blogging world. So here we go:

Things I Learned And Thought About After Attending The 55th Annual Grammy Awards:

1. WE ARE ALL EQUALS. Well, until we go into the, “live,” telecast.

Yup, that’s right. In all of the non live, non televised events, I am just as cool, and popular as my closest friends. You know, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Kaskade and Taylor Swift. But more seriously, all of the pre events are open seating, meaning you might find yourself sitting by Tyrese, or Steve Aoki, or if you’re lucky, Beyonce. But, once you step into Staples Center, you really find out your worth in The Recording Academy. Yes, I am incredibly thankful I was invited, but one day, I’ll be up there in the, “Diamond Level,” too! The Grammy’s was a great, “pat on the back,” for all the hard work I took part in this year, but it’s time to work ALOT harder.

2. There’s not as much alcohol flowing as you think. In fact, there isn’t enough! Is there any at all?!

There’s a ton of stadium food, but, surprisingly, no where is an alcohol booth to be found! Both a great idea, and a bad idea from The Recording Academy. Great, because we won’t have any obnoxious, outward drunks walking around but bad, because The Recording Academy is missing out on alot of money here. Alot, of enjoyment too,  I presume. Apparently, musicians can’t control their liqueur. Surprising?! I think not.

3. How the hell do celebrities see the teleprompter from where they’re standing?!

So if you look from the stage to the teleprompter, you’ll notice they’re about a football field away from each other. I’m absolutely serious. You must acquire some kind of 20/20 vision when you sell your first multi platinum album. There is the smaller stage, closer to the teleprompter, but still, so far!

4. It’s extremely cute to see grown ups dressed in their best black tie outfits, eating fine foods, like McDonald’s, at Staples Center.

Just look:


Ok, I didn’t get a pic of people in REALLY fancy outfits getting McDonald’s, but this works, right? It’s just sooo adorable. It’s all the food provided for Lakers games, but to a very well dressed crowd!

5. Some celebrities think they rule the world, while other are incredibly humbled to be at the event.

I won’t mention any names, but it seems as if some celebrities feel the show starts once they arrive. Granted, some of them are the most popular, hardworking, successful people in the our business, but still, a little humility goes a long way. I guess this is true for any major event.

6. Finding your way into this event is gloriously confusing.

No one has any idea where to go. Granted, the LAPD was on close watch, due to the Christopher Dorner situation going on at the time but please, tell them where to send the guests. (NEWS FLASH: The Staples Center is NOT in a great area.) I’m glad that you can check my ID to make sure that I, a 5’3, fair skinned, Asian American girl is indeed not an almost 200 lb African American male named Christopher Dorner, but please, it’d be great if you could point me in the direction of Grammy attendees. Also, it’d be great if you could keep an eye on me as I walk down East Figueroa in my prettiest dress… in the cold. Oh, and one more thing, stop asking me, “Do you have a ticket, miss?” in your most condescending voice. I do, and I won’t be taking you as my +1 next year. So there. Thanks, LAPD.

7. The Grammy Awards are actually two stages. Television magic makes it as it there is only one.

I feel like I knew this from my line of work, but I didn’t really KNOW this. What you don’t see on television is that a huge stage is actually split in half. While one performer is performing, another is setting up on the other side of the stage. It’s kind of like crop rotation, if you’ve ever been on a farm, but faster. Like in the span of 15 minutes.

8. The Pre-Telecast consists of most of the awards while the Live-Telecast is just a bunch of your industry best promoting their newest work.

I’m still having trouble deciding which part was my favorite. I love watching live performances, but there’s just something sooo humbling and charming about watching the people you love and support make their way up to a stage and give thanks for their own hard work. Skrillex, you might have been my favorite person to accept an award that night. You’re so charming!

9. Just one educator wins the newest Grammy? SERIOUSLY?!

The Recording Academy, along with the help of Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest, unveiled a new award this year; The Grammy For Music Educator of the Year. I have yet to have someone answer my question. Just one? How are we supposed to decide on ONE educator? OMG there’s millions of music educators! So wait, is this a popularity contest?

And finally some pictures:


IMG_6626 IMG_6628 IMG_6633
IMG_6654 IMG_6664 IMG_6675


So there you have it. All in all, I know it sounds like I was completely judgy of The Grammys ( I was, I know), I had an incredible time. It’s really quite a huge pay off for working hard all year, attending meetings, and paying dues to my industry. Love you, sound engineering. Mostly because I get to brag to people that I’m an engineer(or almost one), but not that kind they’re thinking of. Anyway, who wants to be my date next year!?!?!

I’ve been pretty terrible about tracking my, “road to the Grammy’s,” but honestly, it hasn’t been too exciting…until now.

So lets do a quick update. I arrived in Los Angeles Thursday night, picked up my tickets on Friday and took this really awesome picture to let everyone know I did:


But, the event is tonight!! CAN NOT WAIT. Well, the event is today rather. I know, a black tie event at 1 in the afternoon?!? Oh, Hollywood.

More updates on the way!

Ok, ok, I’m a little late, but it’s been a crazy end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. That, and I just felt I had nothing real to blog about. But today, I’m home sick and have watched more than enough Dr. Phil and Lifetime Network movies to last me a few lifetimes (see what I did there?). Anyway, I thought I should blog about something. After all, this has been my only downtime in the past two months.

So what have I been doing? Well, thank you for asking. School and work, school and work, same old, same old. But I actually have something to blog about for the next few weeks. And that is:

I’m going to the Grammy’s!!!! 

To be clear, that’s The Recording Academy’s 55th Annual Grammy Award Presentation. And yes, I’m a member, and yes, I will be there. It’s about to be an incredibly busy two weeks, but wow, what a privilege, right?!?!

Stay tuned!

Also, here’s my favorite song at the moment:




Hello everyone!

I’m not usually the money asking, self promoting on my blog type person, but today, just this once(hopefully) I kind of have to be. I’ve been so privileged my entire life, that I’ve only ever had to save money for most of my education and extracurricular things. BUT I am by no means wealthy! I like to think of myself as more of a hard worker. As you might know, I’ve entered my farewell season at Academy of Art University and am currently looking into grad schools and internships/externships. And am, even more currently, looking into ways to fund these things.

So I know you’re probably thinking one of two things ( If not, skip to the line):

1. “Grad school, Vinette? Really? But you’re an art student! Grad school is the rest of your life, and that’s free!”

I know, being an art student sometimes makes me feel that same way, but I feel like Bachelor and Associate degrees are so common in our world today. My major (Sound design/Music Production) is so competitive I fear I’ll find myself working a retail job my entire life. But wait, I take some of that back,  none of that is a bad, terrible thing (It’s not) but I just feel like education opens up alot of doors. And in my field of work, connections need to stay current. I’m not interested in being famous, I’m interested in being successful. Successful means keeping alot of doors open and networking with as many people as possible. I feel like grad school is the route to all of that. With that said, I’m looking to find a school that will allow me to get a Master in either Art Education, or Film Sound or something along the lines of those majors.

2. “Ok, tell me about your unpaid internship.”

Well, that one hasn’t been obtained yet but I’m currently looking into a few companies, most of which offer full-time unpaid internships, but then, what do I do for money if I’m spending most of my time working and not being paid? The companies i’m looking into are awesome, and I promise I’ll let you visit and lunch with me while I’m there.


So here is where you come in:

I recently took up a Merchandiser position with Chloe + Isabel. It’s a jewelry company that lets me run my own business on my own time. It’s similar to the idea of Avon Cosmetics. I would really really love if you did one of two things for me (and here goes my listing):

1. Buy some jewelry!

I would never promote anything if I didn’t truly believe in it! Chloe +Isabel jewelry is really cute and trendy! Now, I know you all know I’m not really into material things, but look at it this way. It’s a win-win situation. You get cute jewelry, I get to go to grad school! Ladies, there is literally a piece of jewelry for every type of person! Gentlemen, I know you’re scrambling to find a perfect gift for you lady friend/girlfriend/sister/mother/mother-in-law/sister-in-law/ME. Well, I’ve got you! I’ll even help you pick it out!

2. Host a trunk show.

If you let me host a trunk show out your house, we will, of course have a wonderful time hanging out together but you will get FREE jewelry (and my everlasting thank yous)! It just takes a few hours! And for my friends out there that love themes, just know, THESE trunk shows, they have THEMES!

With that said, remember the holidays are coming up! I’d be eternally grateful if you could help out, even just a little bit. And if you haven’t got the money to spend, spread the word!

Finally, here’s the website to take a look at the jewelry yourself! Please let me know if you’d like to see any of it in person/buy jewelry/have me help you pick something out!

Love you all forever!


I’ve worked at a local San Francisco shoe/street wear store for almost two years now. And baby, it’s been one of the most interesting adventures of my life! I’m serious. I mean it!

It seems fitting that I would blog about this seeing that we are about ready to re open the doors to our main store at 1415 Haight Street this weekend. I’ve watched both the store itself, and its employees go through trials, tribulations and everyday life. For me, it’s been a growing and changing experience.

First, I’d like to thank my good friend and fellow employee, Andre Schneider, for inviting me into this wonderful world of athletic/collector shoes and streetwear. Before working at TRUE SOLE, where I originally started, I owned something like 3-4 pairs of athletic shoes. I thought, “you wear them to the gym, right? You have one shoe to exercise indoors and one for outdoor exercise.” Boy, was I wrong.

For some, sneakers are a fashion statement, a work of art, or even a symbol of wealth. While I’m still trying to grasp this idea, I have come to terms with the idea that a pair of Air Jordans are just as expensive (and possibly just as comfortable) as a pair of Uggs. But why is it that I have to think about purchasing a pair of sneakers for about a week, but then, won’t even bat an eyelash when purchasing a pair of Uggs? Maybe it’s just preference. (P.S. I’m still thinking about buying those sneakers and P.P.S I know you all hate me/ won’t allow me into the back room while wearing Uggs.)

My adventure in the streetwear/clothing retail world, on the otherhand, began about a year ago when our two main stores, in San Francisco, California were forced to merge due to a two-alarm fire that happened on the morning of August 11, 2011. Before this, I pretty much only knew what I had taken from working in the corporate world of Nordstrom (my first job, at the tended age of 16…my that was sooo long ago). Through the course of the year, I’ve observed the process of how clothing is made and what groups certain products are marketed to etc. It’s been quite the learning experience, if I do say so myself. In turn, it’s such a gratifying experience to work with a smaller business where you get to learn the basics of how things are run. You’ll learn mostly about business, but how to apply that to your everyday life.

Besides the matter of shoes and clothing, the environment is wonderful! Haight Street is full of various people. There’s the locals, the tourists, the trustifarians, and the just plain weirdos (but what’s weird for Haight Street, right?). I can proudly say that after about two years, my French has improved, my english has improved, and of course, my tolerance for rudeness has gone WAY up. We get customers from all over so there’s always a variety of people I’m coming in contact with. Besides the customers, my fellow employees are just a joy to work with. On regular days, there’s usually alot of time to sit around and enlighten each other with our lives’. To me, this is such a joy! I love listening to people from all walks of life. And I know everyone loves to talk about themselves. It’s really a perfect situation for me.

With that, I can’t even express enough how much working with this company has truly changed my life. Two years ago, they gave me the chance to work with them. I didn’t have the skill set to work in retail, since I hadn’t even worked a real job in over a year! From that, I’ve learned my biggest lesson:

When someone gives you a chance, take it. And take it with grace and respect. 

Besides that, I’ve learned alot more. Like never to burn bridges, only borders. I’ve burned alot of these, “borders,” with TRUE. I never knew about shoes, clothing, or even retail, but I allowed myself to learn. Again, they gave me the chance. So I asked as many questions as possible, learned, and am continuing to learn. APPLY THIS TO YOUR LIFE.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t this just a part-time job for this young, naive girl? Why is she talking about it like it’s her life career?” Yes, it is a part-time job for me, and no I don’t plan to make a career out of this (or am I?). But I have had many part-time/freelance jobs in my short 23 years of life. Yes, most of those were just, “jobs,” to me. They seemed alot colder, less welcoming, and more money driven than anything. TRUE has allowed me to take a ton of chances, make mistakes and learn from them, and especially has shown, and will continue to show me what discipline in working is.

But ok, I’ll have to cut this inspiration/sob story/whatever it is short. With inspiration from the structure of Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, maybe you caught my two head fake’s here? Well, the first obvious one was about taking chances when they’re given to you (remember that, strictly), but the second is to invite you all to come visit the new store. We open Saturday, and while I’m not scheduled to work, I hope you will all be there, because I will!


The best picture I could find. The store as it looked, the first day I worked there:

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