An Experiment In Surrealism and Mixed Media Art



I’ve just begun my journey into mixed media art and surrealism. Mixed media, since I’m using various types of art forms here; acrylic paint and material, so far, and later, a bit of cardboard patching, and spray painting (I think).Surrealism, since I’m doing most of this, not considering what is scientifically right. It’s what seems right to me, but not necessarily to my audience.

What I’ve learned so far: you hit long periods of time where you are waiting for paint to dry. So here I am, waiting. Thinking, “why the hell am I doing this?” I still don’t know, but it feels incredibly right. (I wish I could say that about all parts of my life.)

Hopefully, my finished product turns out beautiful! If not, you’ll probably never see it. Actually, art is always beautiful to someone.  Cheers to art!


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