Survival Plan For December 22nd.

In the case that December 21 isn’t the actual end of our world, here are some tips to get you through December 22nd.

1. Blame your obnoxious behavior, from the previous day, on a concussion, or that you hit your head really hard and it, “rattled your brain.”

This is a good one, as it recently happened to me. Tell everyone that you just plain, CAN NOT remember that obnoxious behavior you took part in. Totally deny everything you did on December 21st. Poof! Problems (semi) solved!

2. Apologize for all of the “YOLO” things you did.

Today is the day people will understand (or maybe not), so take advantage of it. In the back of our minds, we all feared the end of the world, just let people know you may have had a slight over reaction to the end of the world.

3. Stop using the word, “YOLO,” but continue living by it. (You can start this now.)

Self explanatory, I think.

4. Return all of those expensive items you spent your life savings on.

Ok, so that vacation to the Bahamas, give that to me, but return everything else. It’s December 22nd, you’ve got bills to pay, Christmas gifts to give! Unless, of course, those luxury items can be made into Christmas gifts. In that case, keep them, but give them to others. Your bank account won’t feel too great, but you will!

5. Start promoting the next date the world is predicted to end. 

Wait a few days on this one. I know you’re trying to be hip and trendy promoting the new, “end of the world,” date but seriously, people are just going to think you’re bizarre, especially since you had a slight overreaction yesterday.  But believe me, 2013 is rolling around, and yes, there are bound to be alot of “end of the world” days.  C’mon now, 13? Get superstitious, America!

6. Go to work.

Emerge from your previously made, Y2K-now  apocalypse- shelter, follow your same boring routine, and yes, go to work. It sounds ridiculously mundane, but our society relies on individuals doing their jobs. Hopefully, you didn’t quit your job on the 20th, hoping you’d never have to return. In this case, start looking for a  new job.

Now, here’s a terribly made meme to get you through the day:

See you all tomorrow!


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