54 Days.

The Man burns in 54 days. I simply can not wait to see him! How beautiful is this rendering?!?!

Pavilion design by Rod Garrett and Andrew Johnstone

This year the Man will stand astride a grand pavilion that is similar in shape and style to the Pantheon of ancient Rome. Arching portals and two mezzanines will wrap around an atrium; circles will encompass circles, telescoping to an open skylight several stories overhead. An interactive sculpture, sprouting from the courtyard of the chamber, will invite participants to clamber upward through the center of this mesmerizing space, much as bees might swarm about the pistil of a flower. To make this artwork more intensely interactive, we encourage all prospective climbers to express their own peculiar sense of inner beeing; come prepared to personate a bee, engage in both bee culture and couture. Worker bees are always welcome.


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