Let’s CONTINUE Getting Into That Burning Man Spirit

I’ve been noticing that one of my previous posts, “Let’s Get Into That Burning Man Spirit,” (posted August 3, 2011) has been getting a higher volume of hits than usual. It could be that Burning Man is getting closer and closer and many are on a mad hunt for tickets at the moment, or it might be because I have some awesome followers who want to keep going back to that amazingly written post? (Ok, I’m flattering myself, just a tad there.) Well, I reread that post I wrote, almost eight months ago, and decided I needed to do some kind of retraction to the statements I originally made.

Last year’s burn, and months preceding it were completely different from the circumstances of this year. It was the first year the festival sold out before the end date of its online ticket sales, leaving many in panic and wonder as to what actions festival coordinators would be taking this year, 2012.

In my penultimate post, Let’s Get Into That Burning Man Spirit, I stated that I had been searching Craigslist for tickets to last years Burn. That was the case last year, but IS DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE THIS YEAR. I am not encouraging anyone to obtain their tickets through any third party websites.

The Burning Man Organization has set up their own ticket selling system in which users can buy and sell tickets, at face value, to one another. The system, called STEP, is the only fair way tickets should be sold. I mean, well, besides, buying your ticket from a friend who is willing to sell to you. The reason I tell you this is because there are so many scalpers on Craigslist, Stubhub etc this year charging exorbitant prices for the event. Please do not give into them. This will only make the market for Burning Man tickets wilder and beyond our own control.

Here’s my advice on getting a ticket this year: Look everywhere. Meet people. Network. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to find your way to a ticket at the moment. If you end up not being able to experience the festival this year, you’ll have probably met a ton of people either way. Remember, the universe works in ways we can not completely understand. You might not get a ticket this year, but there will be many other events in which you will be able to experience this type of event. There will also, hopefully, be many more years of Burning Man. You’ll experience one when time, and tickets allow. Stay optimistic, keep looking, keep willing your way towards a ticket.

With that, I’ll see all of you lucky individuals at home. If not, there will be many many events in which we can experience the friendship and love shared at Burning Man! Stay optimistic!


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