Thursday Thoughts: Now Here’s A Real (First World) Problem…

I spent a good part of Thursday morning debating if I should purchase an album on Itunes for $9.99, roughly about $1 per song.

And then I purchased it….And then I went to the mall and spent $20 on makeup, without even batting an eyelash. Wow, Vinette. Wow.

I realized I spend alot of time debating if I should purchase items that are a dollar as opposed to items that cost way more. Is it because these one dollar items are clearly superfluous? I mean, I really didn’t need those songs (or did I?).

I could also be debating these one dollar items because in the end, I realize that purchasing multiple things at the price of a dollar could somehow add up to me saving money to purchase one, more expensive item. So then I think, how many vacations could I have traveled if I didn’t buy all those songs and unnecessary, unused items in the dollar section of Target? Well now, Target, why must you place all those cute items right next to me the minute I walk in? I guess that’s another problem to discuss…

Oh, first world living…


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