Los Feliz- A Web Series About Relationships

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the trailer to my friend and director, Bernard Badion’s web series. Well everyone, we’ve reached episode two!

If you didn’t already know, Los Feliz is a web series about relationships of all kinds, something we can all relate to.  I think that’s what first attracted me to this script. Through his awesome writing, Bernard takes us through elements of relationships we can all identify with. Some of which I wish I couldn’t relate to, and some of which I am so happy to remember in my own life. Viewers, please enjoy, and keep watching week after week. This is something amazing!

Keep up the awesome work, Los Feliz crew, and thank you for letting me take part in this project! (Even if it was just for a few days!)

Watch. Subscribe. Comment. Share. 


P.S. Watch episode 1 first, if you haven’t seen it! 


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