To Leave Or To Take Into 2012?

I realized I post a fair amount of blogs mainly centered around my life, and what I do, but this year, instead of my usual, “Here Comes The New Year,” blog, in which I rant and rave about all of the things I will do in the upcoming year, and list the many things I will leave behind in the current year, I thought I’d post something we all (meaning you, like what is it? 3 people that actually read this?) could benefit from!

Yes, everyone, I’m leaving my New Years’ Eve blog to a Canadian. I ran across this blog, written by psychiatrist, Marca Sirota, on Huffington Post. In it, Sirota lists 10 Good Habits To Cultivate In 2012. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, feel free to read: 10 Bad Habits To Leave Behind In 2012. 

It’s all pretty self explanatory, but it’s nice to have a reminder, and a little encouragement to be strong in 2012!

See you all in the new year! Cheers!


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