15 Seconds Of Fame

About a year ago, a friend of mine found this on the Internet:


Wait for it….flip to page 3.

Yes! That’s me! In all my Hot Dog On A Stick glory! (Oh, to be 17 again, without a care in the world.) Well everyone, that was my 15 seconds of online fame. It could have been worse, right?

More recently, I feel my online image has been redeemed! I work for a local street wear store in San Francisco, named TRUE. What a joy, it has been working with them this past year, but that’s another blog I’m currently working on. But let’s get to the point: Here’s me(Click), wearing one of their newest designs, at work. More importantly, I’ve been issued another 15 seconds of fame! ( Ironic in a way. The shirt and jacket are for their 15 Project Series.) And this time, I’m not as chubby, not wearing obnoxious colors, and the photo is actually tasteful. Thanks TRUE! Hopefully this comes up on a, “Best of..” list as opposed to a, “Worst of…” Cin cin!


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