Driving That Bandwagon…

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?” -Brad Pitt, playing Billy Beane in Moneyball

Congrats Diamondbacks fans! You did it! You clinched the NL West title, dethroning the San Francisco Giants. I’m honestly, so happy to see another team that I hold close to my heart take the title. Anyone else, i’d just be truly upset.

It’s been a crazy season. Well, for me at least. I’ve always been semi into baseball, but not as much as this season. I guess you can say, I pretty much drove that Giants World Series “Bandwagon?”( Hey, at least I can admit it!)  and got SUPER into the season this year. Following almost every game. Geez, I even followed (my new found) team to Arizona for Spring Training, and then again during the regular season. It was really such a joy!

About a year ago, I constantly found myself wishing that I had something to be passionate about. Thank you Giants, I owe this one all to you. I’m so glad I have some kind of thing I really feel strongly about. Something that has nothing to do with work or school I care about, more like a hobby, I guess.

I’m so happy I got to enjoy this baseball season with soooo many different people too. There’s really just something about kicking back, enjoying a cold drink, chatting with my friends, and enjoying a baseball game. This is the main reason I chose the Billy Beane quote to start this entry. There is really just something special about baseball. For me, it was because I had the chance to share the season with so many amazing people. Not just the ones I went to game with, but also the people I met at the games.

Besides the people, there is just something so, “romantic,” if you will, about the game itself. Win or lose, watching Bruce Bochy orchestrate his team is just so beautiful. There was even a point mid season, where I didn’t care to much about the teams playing, but the art of baseball itself. Although, alot of the game is by chance, it is also by skill. And watching how those skills are used is simply amazing to me. I’m rambling now. But seriously, if you’ve ever had something you were truly passionate about, I think you get my philosophy here. You like something because there is somekind of romanticism within it.

With that, I want to thank everyone I’ve ever been to a baseball game with, as well as the entire MLB. (Wow, I sound like some kind of Oscar winner.) This season was amazing and I CAN NOT wait until Spring Training next year. Not only will I get to the chance to watch the Giants play once again, but I’ll also be able to make a return to Arizona. And you already know how much I love Arizona!

To the 2010-2011 baseball season, to the Giants and to the Diamondbacks in their upcoming weeks. This season was one to remember! Cheers!


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