Let’s Get Into That Burning Man Spirit!

I’ve been on Craigslist, as well as a bunch of other third party sites constantly for the past three days. My reason: finding myself a Burning Man ticket.

I NEVER EVER thought Burning Man would sell out before the end of online sales. I’m the kind of person who will always wait until the last minute to buy mine in order to let others experience the Burn at a price more suitable for them. Now, I’m not saying I’m rich or anything, but I do know I’m a little more fortunate than others.

What I really wanted to talk about here though was how ticket sellers are being absolutely ridiculous with their tickets. They are completely taking a “holier than thou,” attitude, which is, in my opinion, against the Burner spirit. The way I see it, if you can’t go, you sell your ticket at face value, maybe a little more. A little more, only because you may be selling the ticket for financial reasons, but nothing more than $100-$200 over face value. Bottom line, you sell your tickets for something close to what you got it for. No ridiculous trades, no best offers. But do pick someone worthy. Someone who is there to experience radical self reliance at its best. Someone who isn’t going to Burning Man just to party their asses off all week, but someone who is going to come back from Black Rock City understanding the participation experience, the art, as well as everything that comes with Burning Man.

Another complaint I do have is ALL OF YOU CRAIGSLIST FLAGGERS. Please stop. It really doesn’t give a fair opportunity to anyone!  Just stop, really. It makes everything too crazy and is totally selfish.

I do have something good to say here too. I  want to take a second to commend all of the wonderful people who are giving their tickets away to someone they know is worthy. Without naming, I have found a few websites where people are willingly giving their ticket to one burner who deserves it. All the person has to do is write an essay explaining why they truly need to return to Black Rock City. The people giving away their tickets are pretty much my heroes. Some of these people have gone to the festival consecutively for the past 15 years! It’s really awesome to see that people still do have hearts, as well as still carry that awesome spirit. I raise my glass to you!

With that said, please let me know if you find any good deals on Burning Man tickets! I’m still on the hunt for one myself! I’m from San Francisco, but am willing to drive all the way down to San Diego, or Arizona, for tickets! I’ll even drive up north for a ticket. Email me (vinettegisele@gmail.com) , and I’m super willing to work with someone on getting tickets! I do know there are alot of people not willing to split up their tickets either. This could be our opportunity!

Good luck to everyone finding tickets! As for those who already have theirs, and are beginning their packing, HAVE AN AWESOME BURN! Hopefully I’ll see you on the playa!

P.S. Here’s a pic from my virgin burn! One of the best, most life changing experiences, EVER!

  1. J said:

    Aw, good luck! Keep an eye on Eplaya, seems like a new ticket up for sale near daily.

    • Vinette said:

      I ended up finding a ticket!! I never got to say thanks for the optimism and advice! Check out my newest post on my burn!

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